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Yamaha TF3 audio console
with NY64-D Dante

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The Yamaha TF3 audio console, equipped with the NY64-D Dante expansion board, represents a cutting-edge solution for professional audio mixing. The TF3 console features a user-friendly touchscreen interface that streamlines workflow, offering intuitive control over its 24 analog inputs and 48 mixing channels. The addition of the NY64-D Dante expansion board enhances connectivity by integrating Audinate’s Dante networking protocol, enabling seamless audio transmission over standard IP networks. This facilitates flexible and efficient multi-channel audio routing, accommodating the demands of modern live sound and studio environments. The Dante expansion ensures low-latency, high-quality digital audio transmission, supporting up to 64 input and output channels at 48 kHz or 32 channels at 96 kHz. With its combination of advanced features and reliable performance, the Yamaha TF3 with NY64-D Dante board stands as a versatile and indispensable tool for audio professionals seeking top-tier mixing capabilities.
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