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We have developed, anchored and delivered recording equipment and technical solutions to a number of reality formats around the world for the past 20 years, and we have a long experience with projects produced under difficult conditions.

Many of these formats have a capital intensive structure and require a big set-up, so it is important to have a professional technical operating partner.

The solutions all have different needs and we design each individually and in close collaboration with our customers.

There are many challenges when making location based productions far away from home, and setting up a full production facility in remote locations under difficult conditions.

This can in some cases leave many questions unanswered and open. Questions about logistics to the recording location and the technical requirements for a complicated setup.

The timeframe can be of importance in terms of availability and delivery and this requires further flexibility when planning projects.


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Our vision

We deliver flexible and customized setups anywhere. That is our Vision.

With our experienced international crew we are able to support any production of any scale anywhere.

The entire workflow is taken in consideration when planning your productions setup. From specific requirements until material is handed over to post production.

Our stock holds a mix of more than 250 indoor and outdoor remote cameras. We supply full audio set-ups and have more than 200 wireless audio systems. For ceremony and ENG a range of full frame or studio cameras are offered fir individual looks and design.

More than 300 LED light panels and spots we deliver a full lighting solution for indoor and outdoor design.