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Amaran F22C by Aputure

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The Amaran F22C by Aputure is a versatile and powerful LED light designed to meet the demands of professional filmmakers, photographers, and content creators. With a compact and portable design, the F22C offers a wide range of technical features that enhance its usability and performance. At the heart of the F22C is its advanced LED technology, providing high-quality lighting with a color rendering index (CRI) of up to 95+, ensuring accurate color reproduction for vibrant and lifelike imagery. This high CRI ensures that colors appear natural and true-to-life, crucial for photography and videography applications where color accuracy is paramount. The F22C offers variable color temperature control, allowing users to adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K to match different lighting conditions and achieve various creative effects. This flexibility makes the F22C suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios, from warm indoor settings to cool outdoor environments. Furthermore, the F22C features adjustable brightness settings, enabling precise control over the intensity of the light output. With a dimming range from 0% to 100%, users can easily achieve the desired level of illumination for their specific needs, whether it’s brightening up a scene or creating a subtle ambient glow. The F22C is designed for convenience and ease of use, featuring a built-in OLED display that provides real-time feedback on settings such as color temperature, brightness level, and battery status. Additionally, it offers multiple power options, including a built-in lithium battery that provides up to 120 minutes of continuous operation and USB-C charging compatibility for convenient power supply options. With its combination of advanced LED technology, customizable lighting options, and user-friendly design, the Amaran F22C is a versatile lighting solution that empowers creatives to achieve their vision with precision and ease.
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