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Nanlite Soft Box for MixPanel 150

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### Technical Description: Nanlite Soft Box for MixPanel 150 #### Overview The Nanlite Soft Box for MixPanel 150 is a high-quality light modifier designed to provide soft, even, and flattering lighting for photography and videography. This accessory is specifically tailored for the Nanlite MixPanel 150 LED light, enhancing its versatility and functionality by diffusing the light output. #### Key Features 1. **Precise Fit for MixPanel 150** – Custom-designed to seamlessly attach to the Nanlite MixPanel 150, ensuring a secure and snug fit. – Compatible with the dimensions and mounting system of the MixPanel 150. 2. **Superior Light Diffusion** – Softens the harsh light emitted by the MixPanel 150, reducing shadows and hotspots. – Creates a smooth and even light spread, ideal for portrait photography, product shoots, and video recording. 3. **High-Quality Diffusion Fabric** – Constructed from durable and high-quality diffusion fabric that maintains consistent light quality over time. – The fabric is resistant to yellowing and other forms of degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance. 4. **Quick and Easy Setup** – Designed for fast and easy attachment and detachment, allowing for swift modifications during shoots. – The softbox collapses for convenient storage and transport, making it a portable solution for on-the-go photographers and videographers. 5. **Enhanced Light Control** – Includes an inner baffle and outer diffuser for dual-layer diffusion, providing greater control over light softness. – Optional grid attachment available for more directional light control and to prevent light spill. 6. **Robust Construction** – Features a sturdy frame that maintains the shape and integrity of the softbox even with frequent use. – High-quality materials ensure the softbox can withstand the rigors of professional use. #### Specifications – **Dimensions (Assembled):** Approximately 24 x 16 inches (60 x 40 cm) – **Weight:** Lightweight design, typically around 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) for easy handling and setup – **Materials:** – **Fabric:** High-quality diffusion fabric – **Frame:** Durable metal rods and plastic connectors – **Compatibility:** Exclusively designed for the Nanlite MixPanel 150 LED light – **Accessories Included:** – Inner baffle for additional diffusion – Outer diffuser for optimal light softness – Carrying case for protection and portability #### Applications – **Portrait Photography:** Achieves soft, flattering light that enhances skin tones and reduces harsh shadows. – **Product Photography:** Provides even illumination, highlighting details without creating unwanted reflections or glare. – **Videography:** Delivers consistent and controlled lighting, suitable for interviews, tutorials, and other video content creation. #### Usage Tips – For the softest light, use both the inner baffle and outer diffuser. – To control light direction and minimize spill, attach the optional grid (if available). – Ensure the softbox is securely attached to avoid any light leaks and maintain consistent lighting quality. – Regularly inspect the diffusion fabric for any wear and tear, replacing it if necessary to maintain optimal performance. #### Conclusion The Nanlite Soft Box for MixPanel 150 is an essential accessory for photographers and videographers seeking to improve their lighting setup. Its precise fit, superior diffusion capabilities, and robust construction make it a reliable and effective tool for achieving professional-quality lighting.
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