We believe in sustainable solutions within our organization. We believe that by working sustainable we provide better conditions for the planet, our employees and our clients

Sustainability is a business model that brings value to the environment through innovation and creative solutions. The concept inspires our employees to find greater work-life satisfaction as well as creating value in our clients supply chain

All in favor for future generations without compromising our services and products.

Reducing consumption

The climate change is a fact and has been well defined by the UN as the largest threat of our time. We all have to take part in the green transformation by reducing consumption.

We aim to provide Co2 neutral reality setups.

We want to reduce consumption in all areas possible and with greatest impact.

We choose green energy suppliers for our leaseholds.

We choose low energy LED lights for our production setups and office lights.

We encourage to utilize our technical setups in the same location.

We aim on reducing weight on logistics and offer greener means of transport.

We provide power through solar panels where possible.

We sell our used equipment in order to extend the life cycle of the products

Social responsibility

The people in our organization represents different nationalities, religions, genders, ages and cultures. We consider our diverse employee composition as an advantage for our organization and our clients.

During productions abroad we support communities by hiring local labor to support our setups. Local knowledge and capabilities strengths the production without exceeding budgets and compromising the environment due to employee travel.

We would like to further develop our relation with local people near production sites worldwide.