About us

About BBH

BBH is a group of Broadcast facility companies. BBH has strong partnership ties in Europe, The United States and in The Middle East.

Our mission

To supply technical equipment of high quality for broadcast and events in all markets where we are present.

Our trademark to solve technical obstacles with in broadcast, transmission and logistics.

Personal guidance and counselling is a priority to perform the right solution

Goals and strengths

BBH aims for the highest quality in everything we do, quality is of extreme importance to all of us. We guaranty all BBH equipment delivered to be of the best quality.

We aim to become the leading global broadcast-facility rental house organised in a franchise concept.

We want to take all given opportunities to establish our company in countries we find could offer a prosperous growth.

We always aim to better and improve our efficiency and competition skills.

We aim to attract and keep competent employees.

We offer solutions that work and we are good at combining the technical possibilities with the customer’s requirements and matching their budget.

We are available 24 hours.

We have strong personal contact to key persons in the broadcast business, both with suppliers, production companies and broadcasters.

We are a strong team and together we have big ambitions.

Most common jobs

BBH has especially made a mark with very large Television equipment deliveries and complete system setups. Technical solutions for reality shows, sports productions and larger “out of the norm” news broadcasts.

First and foremost we are known in the business for our high standard and the follow through service back-up we provide. But also because of the very large pool of equipment we have access to. Very few broadcast rental companies across the world can deliver complete production- and post production systems in the capacity of BBH.

Regardless of the tasks, BBH is always committed to providing standardised and flexible equipment with a simple and intuitive operation.

The systems are built to allow for quick rigging and dismantling. 

Manpower Qualifications

BBH has a loyal staff of 46 employees speaking 13 different languages through different religions. 35 of them are technical staff.

All technical staff has several years of experience within the broadcast equipment and their qualifications spread from editing engineers to sound specialists.

Furthermore BBH has access to technical freelance staff when required.