Conferences and summits have been a significant part of our business for several years. The technical requirements and high demands for quality with in the industry matches our technical capacity as well workflow design.

When planning the conference or summit you need to consider several technical issues.  

We can provide flexible and scalable setups whether it is studio setup for your conference or a plenary setup you are scheduling.

High quality robotics cameras can be used as unmanned camera positions and if there is need for tele lenses our 4K studio cameras on fiber is the right solution.

Several setups can be recording or transmitted simultaneously and connected to the MCR. Our MCR is a scalable solution build with fly packs or OB van.

The audio package and picture quality are essential for any transmission. We can improve it by proving the broadcast quality into this industry.

We can arrange the livestreaming and recording as well as quick editing to social medias onsite.