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Fiilex Q3 COLOR-LR K4 Kit

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The Fiilex Q3 COLOR-LR K4 Kit is a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed for professional photographers and videographers. This kit features the innovative Q3 COLOR light, renowned for its high-quality, full-spectrum LED output. It offers exceptional color accuracy with a CRI/TLCI rating of 96, ensuring true-to-life color rendition. Key features of the Q3 COLOR include its extensive CCT range from 2000K to 10000K, allowing for precise color temperature adjustments to match any lighting condition. The fixture also supports RGBW color mixing, enabling the creation of a wide array of colors and dynamic lighting effects. With an advanced dimming capability, the Q3 COLOR can be smoothly adjusted from 0 to 100%, providing flexibility for both subtle and dramatic lighting setups. The K4 Kit includes four Q3 COLOR fixtures, each equipped with a Fresnel lens for adjustable beam angles from 12° to 60°, ensuring optimal light shaping and control. The kit also comes with barndoors, power adapters, and light stands, making it a comprehensive package for on-the-go professionals. The durable build and weather-resistant design of the Q3 COLOR ensure reliability in diverse shooting environments. Additionally, the lights are DMX compatible, allowing for seamless integration into existing lighting systems and easy remote control. Overall, the Fiilex Q3 COLOR-LR K4 Kit offers exceptional performance, versatility, and convenience for high-end lighting applications.
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