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Yamaha SB168-ES stage box

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The Yamaha SB168-ES is a highly regarded stage box, renowned for its versatility and reliability in professional audio setups. Designed to streamline live sound reinforcement and recording applications, this stage box plays a pivotal role in connecting microphones and instruments to a digital mixing console. One of its standout features is its compatibility with Yamaha digital mixing systems, such as the Yamaha CL and QL series. The SB168-ES boasts 16 remote-controlled microphone inputs and 8 line outputs, providing ample connectivity for diverse audio sources. Its EtherSound protocol support enables efficient and high-quality digital audio transmission over standard Ethernet cables, making it easy to set up and manage extensive audio networks. Sound engineers appreciate the rugged build quality of the SB168-ES, which ensures durability even in demanding live performance environments. With its user-friendly interface, this stage box simplifies signal routing and offers remote control options, making it an essential component for achieving pristine sound quality and flexibility in various sound reinforcement scenarios. The Yamaha SB168-ES stage box has become a staple for professionals seeking top-notch audio connectivity and control.
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