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Wisycom – MTH 301-B3 handheld transmitter

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The Wisycom MTH 301-B3 handheld transmitter is a cutting-edge wireless microphone transmitter engineered for professional audio applications. Designed for optimal versatility and performance, it serves as an exceptional tool for broadcast, live sound, and stage production. Operating within the B3 frequency band (470 MHz to 663 MHz), the MTH 301-B3 transmitter offers compatibility with various receivers and frequency ranges. It provides flexible RF power output settings, enabling users to balance performance and battery life as needed. The transmitter utilizes state-of-the-art digital modulation technology, ensuring a superior signal-to-noise ratio and pristine audio quality. It features an intuitive OLED display for straightforward configuration of input gain, frequency settings, and other parameters. The MTH 301-B3 is also equipped with an interchangeable microphone capsule for tailored sound capture. With its long-lasting battery life and comprehensive features, including encryption options, the Wisycom MTH 301-B3 handheld transmitter is an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable, high-quality wireless audio transmission. Its ergonomic design, advanced capabilities, and rugged construction make it an indispensable tool for demanding audio applications.
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