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Wisycom – MPR 30 ENG lite receiver

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The Wisycom MPR 30 ENG Lite receiver is an advanced and compact solution tailored for electronic news gathering (ENG) and field production applications. This lightweight, dual-channel receiver offers exceptional performance in a rugged, portable package. Operating within a wide frequency range from 470 MHz to 663 MHz, the MPR 30 ENG Lite ensures compatibility with a variety of transmitters and frequency bands. It features two independent receiver modules that provide true diversity reception, reducing signal dropouts and interference effectively. The receiver incorporates Wisycom’s proprietary Digital Adaptive Diversity technology, which intelligently selects the best signal path for optimal reception quality. The OLED display and user-friendly interface simplify configuration and monitoring, including squelch settings and parameter adjustments. With its extended battery life, lightweight design, and comprehensive features, including encryption options, the Wisycom MPR 30 ENG Lite receiver is an excellent choice for ENG professionals who require dependable, high-quality wireless audio reception in the field. Its compact form factor, exceptional performance, and robust build make it an ideal tool for ENG and field production applications.
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