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Wisycom – MCR 40

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The Wisycom MCR 40 is a versatile and high-performance wireless microphone receiver designed for professional audio applications. This compact and lightweight dual-channel receiver is equipped with advanced technology to ensure reliable and interference-free signal reception. The MCR 40 covers a wide frequency range from 470 MHz to 663 MHz, providing compatibility with a broad spectrum of transmitters and microphones. It features two independent receiver modules, offering true diversity reception to mitigate signal dropouts and interference effectively. The receiver utilizes Wisycom’s proprietary Digital Adaptive Diversity technology, which intelligently selects the best signal path for optimal reception quality. The OLED display and user-friendly interface make setup and monitoring straightforward, allowing users to configure squelch settings and access various parameters easily. The MCR 40 receiver is a valuable tool for professionals in broadcast, film, live sound, and other audio production environments, delivering exceptional audio quality and dependability in a compact and robust design. Its high dynamic range and low noise floor ensure top-tier audio performance.
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