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The Net-X II
by CHAUVET Professional

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The Net-X II by CHAUVET Professional is a sophisticated lighting control interface, boasting advanced technical features for seamless integration and comprehensive control of lighting systems. This versatile device supports Art-Net, sACN, and RDM protocols, facilitating efficient communication with a wide range of lighting fixtures. Equipped with a user-friendly web-based interface, the Net-X II allows for intuitive configuration and customization of lighting setups. Its robust design includes a built-in web server, ensuring easy access to control settings from various devices. The device supports up to 32 universes of DMX, providing expansive control over a multitude of fixtures. The Net-X II features extensive triggering options, including time schedules and astronomical clocks, enabling automated and precise lighting control. Its compatibility with CHAUVET Professional’s ShowXpress software enhances programming capabilities for lighting designers and operators. With its reliable performance and versatile capabilities, the Net-X II stands as a powerful solution for professional lighting control in diverse applications, including live events, concerts, and architectural lighting installations.
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