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Swit FLOW6500 wireless FHD Video Transmission

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2000 m new generation professional Wireless FHD Video Transmission, Super Anti-interference, No-delay New generation wireless by SWIT unique technology: ◆6500feet(>2000m) FHD Video Transmission with full DFS-Comply; ◆Much more robust and smooth connection with higher quality picture even in very complex wireless environment; Much stronger anti-interference ability; ◆Much longer practical distance; Stronger Wall-through; ◆No signal loss, accurate color and clock reproduction(algorithm by SWIT); ◆SWIT patented integration of receiver and panel antenna, better performance and more reliable; ◆Completely quiet; No fan; ◆No delay with ~~0.03s stable and invisible latency; Much better than Wifi solution; ◆OLED display on both Tx&Rx for visibility and best channel selection; ◆Auto or Manual Pairing(All under your control), both DFS-Comply; ◆SDIx2+HDMI on Tx, SDI on Rx; ◆Chip-level Content Encryption; ◆16-ch Audio, Timecode & Trigger; ◆No-stop Replay for Alexa Mini; ◆Support max 22 pairs in one location, 1Tx to 20+ Rx Multicast; ◆Tx&Rx wide range DC in; Tx: NP-F mount, Rx: V/Gold mount ›  KUWI 5.1-5.9GHz Wireless Technology ›  DFS Comply ›  3GSDI &HDMI®, with 3GSDI loop out ›  High gain panel antenna with built-in receiver ›  6500ft/2km (Line-of-Sight) distance › 32ms stable low latency ›  Strong Wall-Cross Performance ›  2-ch SDI/HDMI® audio transmission ›  OLED info and channel switching ›  Support up to 22 pairs working in one location ›  Multicast – 1 transmitter to unlimited receivers ›  Wireless protocol & content double encryption ›  Reclock and accurate color reproduction
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