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Sound Devices CL-9 Controller for 788T

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Sound Devices CL-9 Controller for 788T
The CL-9 is a dedicated mixing surface for the 788T. With the addition of a CL-9, the already powerful 788T becomes a complete mixer / recording system, perfect for audio capture in sound-for-picture and music-oriented productions. The heart of the CL-9 is its eight ultra low-latency linear faders and rotary input trim controls. Critical gain changes are fast, smooth and precise. When a CL-9 is connected the 788T gains a single band parametric EQ for each of its eight inputs. EQ frequency, level and Q are adjustable. Additionally, the CL-9 adds input pan to the 788T. A wide range of 788T menu-based controls are accessible with convenient knob control on the CL-9. These controls include output level control of the six outputs, dedicated L/R and Aux 1/Aux 2 output level controls, track-record enabling for each of the 12 record tracks, and one-touch soloing of inputs or tracks. Bus-powered by the 788T, the CL-9 is connected by a single USB cable. By conecting the headphone output from the 788T to the CL-9 additional monitoring features are available. The 788T can additionally be connected to a Mac OS or Windows computer running Wave Agent 1.1, Sound Devices popular file librarian. When the Metering Mode of Wave Agent, all 12 record tracks and 788T time code values can be remotely monitored. Record and stop control are also available. CL-9 Key Features
Eight 100 mm linear faders for precise input level control
Rotary trim control for each input with ring LED metering
Sweepable, single-band parametric EQ per input with variable frequency, gain and filter Q
Four rotary level controls for Left, Right, Aux1, and Aux2 tracks
Input pan control
Quick control of input, track, or output solo monitoring
Output level control for outputs 1-6
Two communication return inputs for private talkback circuits
Record and Stop control
Slate circuit for recording slate mic to tracks and sending to ouptuts
Power and control from the 788T over the USB connection
Remote level metering on Mac OS or Windows computers using Wave Agent
Output muting
Footswitch input for programmable switch closure
Four additional user-programmable controls, useful to assign menu items to physical controls
Stainless-steel chassis with machined aluminum end panels
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