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Sound devices – 302 Compact Production Field Mixer 3 ch

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The Sound Devices 302 Compact Production Field Mixer is a three-channel audio production powerhouse, purpose-built for field professionals working in film, television, and broadcast production. This portable mixer embodies the perfect balance between size and performance. With three high-quality microphone preamps, the 302 ensures remarkable audio quality, even in challenging field conditions. It offers 24-bit, 192 kHz recording capability, guaranteeing pristine sound capture. The 302 is loaded with features including versatile routing options, a limiter, high-pass filters, and flexible output options, giving audio professionals complete control over their sound. Built to withstand the rigors of fieldwork, the 302 is both compact and durable. Its straightforward, tactile interface allows for quick and efficient adjustments, even in fast-paced situations. For professionals seeking reliability and top-notch audio quality in a compact package, the Sound Devices 302 Compact Production Field Mixer is an indispensable tool, offering precision and flexibility for all their field recording and mixing needs. Whether you’re recording dialogues, sound effects, or music, the 302 delivers consistent, high-quality performance.