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Sony RM-BR300 Remote Control Unit for BRC-300

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The Sony RM-BR300 Remote Control Unit is a sophisticated device tailored for the precise and intuitive control of Sony’s BRC-300 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. Packed with advanced technical features, it enhances camera operation and simplifies the production process. The RM-BR300 offers comprehensive control over the BRC-300 cameras, enabling operators to adjust pan, tilt, and zoom functions with precision. Its ergonomic joystick and intuitive control layout make camera manipulation effortless. This remote control unit boasts a high-visibility LCD screen that provides real-time camera status and feedback, ensuring operators have crucial information at their fingertips. Additionally, it supports preset recall and camera switching, enhancing the efficiency of live broadcasts and video production. The RM-BR300 connects to the BRC-300 cameras via serial communication, offering seamless and responsive control. It also features an RS-232C interface for extended control options. With its technical features, the Sony RM-BR300 Remote Control Unit serves as an indispensable tool for professionals in the field, empowering them to capture exceptional video content with ease.
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