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Sennheiser – SK100 transmitter

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The Sennheiser SK 100 transmitter is a compact and versatile wireless microphone transmitter designed for professional audio applications. It is renowned for its high-quality audio performance, reliability, and user-friendly features, making it a popular choice for broadcast, film production, and live sound scenarios. Operating within the UHF frequency range, typically spanning from 516 MHz to 865 MHz, the SK 100 offers a wide tuning bandwidth, allowing users to select clean, interference-free channels. It provides adjustable RF power output settings for optimizing performance and battery life. The transmitter is equipped with a clear OLED display for easy configuration and real-time monitoring of critical parameters, including frequency settings, audio levels, and battery status. Its rugged and durable construction ensures reliability even in demanding environments. With its compact design and excellent audio quality, the Sennheiser SK 100 transmitter is an ideal choice for professionals seeking high-quality wireless audio transmission in a range of audio production applications. Its user-friendly interface and dependable performance make it a valuable tool for audio experts in various scenarios.
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