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Phonak TX300V

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Phonak TX300V Transmitter
The Phonak TX300V Transmitter is a versatile and advanced audio transmitter designed for a variety of professional applications, including assistive listening systems, language interpretation, and guided tours. This transmitter is characterized by its high-quality audio transmission and user-friendly features.
The TX300V operates in the VHF band, typically within the frequency range of 160-216 MHz, ensuring wide compatibility and minimal interference in most environments. It features a user-friendly interface with clear and easy-to-read LCD display for simplified configuration and monitoring.
The transmitter supports both microphone and line-level inputs, accommodating a range of audio sources. It offers adjustable input gain and audio processing options, allowing users to fine-tune audio quality to suit specific needs. Additionally, it provides reliable transmission up to several hundred meters, making it ideal for larger venues and outdoor settings.
With its robust build, clear interface, and versatile input options, the Phonak TX300V Transmitter is a valuable tool for professionals seeking reliable and high-quality audio transmission in various applications, ensuring audiences receive clear and intelligible audio content..