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Panasonic AW-UE70WE

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The Panasonic AW-UE70WE is a state-of-the-art 4K PTZ camera that redefines video capture in professional settings. With its 1-inch MOS sensor, this camera delivers outstanding 4K video quality, ensuring sharp, vibrant, and lifelike images. The camera’s 20x optical zoom and wide-angle lens provide versatile framing options, making it suitable for various applications, from broadcasting to live events, corporate presentations, and educational purposes. Its precise pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities enable smooth, silent operation, offering dynamic shots from virtually any angle. The AW-UE70WE is designed for flexibility, supporting various control methods such as IP, RS-422, or RS-232C, ensuring easy integration into your existing setup. Additionally, it offers compatibility with multiple video formats, including 3G-SDI and HDMI. With its superior low-light performance, extensive connectivity options, and exceptional image quality, the Panasonic AW-UE70WE stands as a top-tier 4K PTZ camera for demanding professional environments, guaranteeing superb visual results.
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