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Panasonic AW-RP50EJ
remote camera

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The Panasonic AW-RP50EJ is a versatile remote camera controller designed to empower professional videographers and broadcasters with precise and intuitive camera operation. This advanced controller offers seamless control over a wide range of Panasonic PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, ensuring smooth and dynamic camera movements for capturing high-quality video content. The AW-RP50EJ features an ergonomic and user-friendly design with a large, responsive joystick, an intuitive touch panel, and customizable function buttons, making it easy for operators to pan, tilt, and zoom with precision. It supports multiple camera protocols, enabling compatibility with various Panasonic cameras. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, this remote controller allows users to save and recall camera presets, making it effortless to switch between shots during live broadcasts and events. The AW-RP50EJ also boasts an SDI output for video monitoring, simplifying camera operation and configuration. Overall, the Panasonic AW-RP50EJ is a reliable and efficient remote camera controller that enhances the creative capabilities of videographers and broadcasters, ensuring the capture of stunning visuals with ease.
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