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Motorola GP340 transmitter for Phonak Invisity

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The Motorola GP340 Transmitter is a critical component in the Phonak Invisity system, facilitating wireless audio transmission in various professional applications. Specifically designed to work with the Invisity in-ear receivers, this transmitter ensures clear and confidential communication for professionals in fields such as surveillance, security, and law enforcement. Operating on UHF and VHF bands, the GP340 offers excellent flexibility in terms of frequency options, typically spanning 403-470 MHz and 136-174 MHz. It delivers robust RF performance, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments. The GP340 transmitter features user-friendly controls for easy configuration, including channel selection, audio input levels, and transmit power. It supports both microphone and line-level inputs, accommodating various audio sources and offering flexibility for users to adjust audio quality to their specific requirements. With its durable construction, compact size, and reliable performance, the Motorola GP340 Transmitter is an essential tool for professionals relying on Phonak’s Invisity system to ensure secure, high-quality wireless audio transmission in their operations.