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Lishuai LS 200W
Bi-Color LED Curved Lights

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The Lishuai LS 200W Bi-Color LED Curved Lights represent an advanced lighting solution for professional videography and photography. With a 200W power output, these lights deliver substantial and adjustable illumination. The bi-color feature allows for seamless transitioning between daylight and tungsten color temperatures, providing flexibility to adapt to various shooting conditions. The lamp body uses a unique metal convex surface design and 180 degree large angle light emission surface. It has brightness, high colour rendering, and high quality light source, which greatly improves picture quality. It also uses new Light Reel APP to provide more choices for live broadcast rooms and studio lightning. 0-100% precise stemless dimming, 11 built-in movie-level special effects and other function settings can meet th needs of different scenes and comprehensively improve work efficiency; dual colour temperature design and multiple wireless light control methods help you cope with it easy and create no pressure. The curved design enhances the spread and diffusion of light, creating a soft and flattering illumination ideal for portrait and interview setups. The LS 200W includes intuitive controls for color temperature and brightness adjustments, enabling precise customization to achieve the desired lighting effect. Constructed with durability in mind, these lights are suitable for prolonged use in studio environments. Additionally, the bi-color LED technology ensures accurate color rendering, contributing to high-quality and natural-looking visuals. The LS 200W Bi-Color LED Curved Lights are designed to meet the demands of professional content creators, offering versatility and reliability in a compact and powerful lighting package.
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