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Libec JB50
Telescopic Jib Arm

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Libec JB50 Telescopic Jib Arm
The SWIFT JIB50 has a quick and easy set up averaging only 5 minutes in set up time on our T102B Tripod and DL-8B Dolly. In addition, the SWIFT JIB50 requires no extra arms to be attached to minimize set up time.

This SWIFT JIB50 is equipped with a telescopic arm that can be easily adjusted by simply turning and adjusting the arm’s lock levers. In addition, the jib can be retracted at both ends. Using the supplied hexagon wrench, the arm can be retracted 30cm towards the rear of the jib.

This SWIFT JIB50 is smooth, portable, lightweight, and offers all-around support. It is designed to accommodate every shooting scenario including small indoor and outdoor spaces for detailed and wide-angle shots.


Includes: Swift Jib, Padded Carrying Case, 75mm Adaptor, Adjusting Weight ×1kg / 2.2lb

Length: Main Arm: 100 to 190cm / 39.5″ to 75″,

Weight: 16.4kg/36.1lb

Ball diameter: 100mm
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