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Kupo High Overhead
Roller Stand

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The Kupo High Overhead Roller Stand is a robust and versatile support solution tailored for professional lighting and photography setups. Built with durability in mind, this stand boasts a sturdy steel construction that can withstand heavy loads. Its maximum height of [insert height] provides ample clearance for overhead lighting configurations. Equipped with a secure locking system, the stand ensures stability even at extended heights, offering reliability in various shooting environments. The roller design facilitates effortless repositioning and adjustment, while the braked wheels provide stability during use. Additionally, the stand features a leveling leg for uneven surfaces, enhancing adaptability on different terrains. With its durable build, adjustable height, and convenient mobility, the Kupo High Overhead Roller Stand is an indispensable tool for achieving precise and dynamic lighting setups in professional photography and film productions.
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