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Flir Systems Thermovision A20

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Flir Systems Thermovision A20
Compact infrared camera with temperature measurement capabilities for industrial automation.
Infrared vision systems are used worldwide in a variety of industries to monitor continuous processes. Infrared can easily detect thermal information on product quality and/or production efficiency that is difficult or impossible to capture using conventional means such as thermocouples or visible light cameras. The ThermoVision A20-M is an affordable and accurate temperature measurement system. It is the ideal choice for industrial and automation applications requiring accurate non-contact temperature measurement.

Precision non-contact temperature measurement and excellent image quality
The ThermoVision A20-M has a temperature sensitivity of 0,10 in a range from -20°C up to +900°C. It produces crisp high-resolution images (160 x 120 pixels) offering more than 19,000 individual measurement points per image at a refresh rate of 50/60 Hz.

Extensive connectivity options: FireWire or Ethernet
The A20-M features a choice of connectivity options. For fast image and data transfer of real-time fully radiometric 16-bit images, you can choose for an IEEE-1394 FireWire digital output. For network and/or multiple camera installations, Ethernet connectivity is available. Each A20-M can be equipped with its own unique URL allowing it to be addressed independently via its Ethernet connection. It allows controlling all menu systems of the camera and provides instant access to A20-M thermal images for any authorized user with a web browser. Images are streamed in semi real-time.

Input / output functionality
Fully configured I/O functionality allows the A20-M either to be integrated quickly and easily in your control systems or to be set up as a stand-alone system. The operator can set and modify up to 4 areas in the camera’s field of view. If, for example, the temperature within one of these areas rises above or falls below a predefined value, an alarm will go off.

Ultra compact, rugged and lightweight
Its compact and ultra-light design allows the A20-M to be mounted in hard-to-get-at locations in your production line.

Easy operation: plug and play
Simply connect the camera to a PC or a monitor and produce high-quality real-time radiometric images. The camera can be fully controlled either from the PC or with the integrated keyboard.

Integrated keyboard
For those applications where the infrared camera and the PC are a distance away from each other, the ThermoVision A20-M has an integrated keyboard. With a few buttons, conveniently placed at the top of the camera, you can control all features.

Multiple programming options
The A20-M calibrated measurement output can be easily used to control a process. No need for months of programming. For application developers FLIR Systems offers two software components. A ThermoVision SDK-kit for Visual Basic / C++ programmers and a ThermoVision LabView™ Toolkit for those familiar with National Instruments LabView. Both software kits are based on ActiveX technology.

• Affordable, fully integrated thermal measurement solution
• Precision non-contact temperature measurement
• High-quality thermal images
• Maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector
• Rugged and compact
• Available versions:
• – FireWire (IEEE-1394): 16-bit image output and control
• – Ethernet: 8-bit image output (RTP) and control (TCP/IP)
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