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FilmCart SmartOne

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The SMARTONE cart is specifically designed for professionals in the film industry who prioritize efficiency, quality, and convenience in their work. This mobile and user-friendly solution is crafted to streamline the organization and transportation of on-set equipment, offering a practical and reliable tool for filmmakers.
Boasting high-quality components and a robust braking system, the SMARTONE cart delivers both performance and safety, ensuring that your valuable gear is securely stored and easily accessible during shoots.
One of the standout features of this cart is its compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal companion for film professionals. With the SMARTONE cart, you can always have your essential equipment within arm’s reach, whether you’re on location or navigating tight spaces with a compact vehicle. This cart is thoughtfully engineered to fit seamlessly into your workflow, saving you time and enhancing your overall work experience in the film industry.
Material: Aluminium
38.4kg (without box)
42.4 (with box)
To package option: 28Kg (cart), 18kg (wheels)
Max 200kg

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