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Electrovoice ELX200-10P
10″ powered loudspeaker

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The ELX200-10P is a powerful 10″ powered loudspeaker, engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance in a compact and versatile form. With a robust built-in amplifier, it offers 1200 watts of Class-D power, ensuring clear and dynamic sound reproduction. The 10″ woofer is complemented by a high-frequency compression driver, providing a wide frequency response for accurate and balanced audio across various applications. Featuring advanced digital signal processing (DSP), the ELX200-10P incorporates presets for different applications, allowing users to tailor the sound to specific environments. The rugged enclosure is designed for durability and portability, making it suitable for live performances, events, and installations. Additionally, user-friendly controls and integrated handles enhance ease of use and transport. Whether used as a standalone speaker or part of a larger sound system, the ELX200-10P stands as a reliable and high-performance solution for professional audio needs.
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