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Canon J11x4.5 wide angle

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Canon J11x4.5 wide angle
The J11ax4.5B ultra wide lens follows the design concept known as IFxs which incorporates Canons power optical system and features the x-element. IFxs allows for a smaller more compact size with increased specifications marking the J11ax4.5B the widest lens in the world.

The J11ax4.5B provides wide images never previously possible with an 88.7° angle of view at the wide end in standard 4:3 mode, 93.7° in 16:9 mode and 101.4° diagonal.
The focal length at the wide end is 4.5mm-16% wider than the current J9ax5.2B.

As the leader in digital electronic technology for lenses, Canon is providing tools based upon our advance technology that will fill many needs. These digital drive tools will not only help our customers with todays production requirements, they will be ready to handle future requirements not yet conceived by the cameraperson. Digital drive features shuttle shot, speed preset, framing preset as well as other useful features.
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