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Canon HJ 14ex4.3B High Definition lens

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Canon HJ 14ex4.3B High Definition lens
Canon’s HD remote control lenses support a variety of applications to a wide range of operators. It allows the user to have control of their HD acquisition system from a remote location including reducing time and costs associated with manned systems. It also gives the ability to shoot in constrained or inaccessible settings. Distance learning, video conferencing, and telemedicine are some of the most popular reasons for acquiring a remote control system.

Canon’sHJ14ex4.3B ITS remote control lens features HDTV advanced technology developed over a long history of producing the world’s best lenses. They offer an exceptional optical performance, while maintaining the same control interface throughout all of Canon’s remote control lenses. This will enable all new lenses to be perfectly compatible with existing remote control pro-video and broadcast pan-tilt systems. The optional flexibility of Canon’s Crossover, an aspect ratio switching system, makes it a superb performer for both 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 image formats.

Power Optical System
Ecological Design:
It is Canons policy not to pollute the earth and the eHDxs series has avoided using any materials or substances that could pollute the earth.
Crossover Mode

Built in 2X Extender

Short M.O.D. :
Countermeasures against ghosting and flares
Dynamic Zoom Speed Range

Extender Changeover Unit:
A lens option that enables the extender to be controlled remotely.

Main Unit Spec
Product Category Remote Control Lens
Product Series HJ 14ex4.3B Series
Application Broadcast
Image Composition
Object Image Format 2/3 Inch
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Object Image size 9.59 mm (H) x 5.39 mm (V)
Zoom Ratio 11 X
Focal Length Range 4.7~52mm
Focal Length Range with Extender 9.4~104mm
Angular Field of View At 4.7mm 91.2° (H) x 59.8° (V)
At 52mm 10.5° (H) x 5.9° (V)
Angular Field of View with Extender At 9.4mm 54.1° (H) x 32.1° (V)
At 104mm 5.3° (H) x 3.0° (V)
Optical Brightness
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) At 4.7mm~40.3mm 1 : 1.9
At 52mm (Ramping Characteristic) 1 : 2.45
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with Extender At 9.4mm~80.6mm 1 : 1.9
At 52mm (Ramping Characteristic) 1 : 2.45
Scene Composition
MOD From Front of Lens 0.3 Meter (10mm with Macro)
MOD From Camera Image Plane 0.59Meter
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD At 4.7mm 71.4 cm x 40.2 cm
At 52mm 6.2 cm x 3.5 cm
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with Extender At 9.4mm 35.7 cm x 20.1 cm
At 104mm 3.1 cm x 1.8 cm
Physical Attributes 119mm (4.7in) 110.6mm (4.4in) 241mm (9.5in) 3.95lbs (1.79kg)
Width 119mm (4.7in)
Height 110.6mm (4.4in)
Size Length mm mod1 241mm (9.5in)
Weight1 3.95lbs (1.79kg)
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