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Bubblebee The Sidekick 3 IFB in-ear monitor Mono, curly

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The Bubblebee The Sidekick 3 IFB is a state-of-the-art in-ear monitor designed to revolutionize your professional audio experience. Virtually invisible and incredibly comfortable, it provides pristine, crystal-clear sound quality, making it ideal for broadcast professionals, film crews, and stage performers. The Sidekick 3 features the world’s smallest driver, providing unparalleled speech intelligibility in mono, as well as a full stereo version for a rich immersive experience. It comes with three different eartips for a perfect fit and boasts an anti-allergy, skin-friendly cable that loops over the ear, offering hours of comfort and stability. With an impressive Kevlar-reinforced cable, it withstands the rigors of daily professional use. Also, the universal 3.5mm connector ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. Incredibly lightweight and discreet, the Bubblebee Sidekick 3 offers a sublime listening experience without compromising comfort or audio quality.
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