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AVID Unity MediaNetwork 2,8Tb

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AVID Unity MediaNetwork 2,8Tb
Shared storage solutions for facility-class environments
Designed specifically for storing, accessing, and sharing media in collaborative workgroup environments, Avid Unity™ MediaNetwork systems offer significant advantages over simple storage area networks (SANs). Avid Unity MediaNetwork solutions integrate seamlessly into your production process to deliver real-time, high-resolution media to creative workstations. In addition, Avid Unity MediaNetwork systems offer stable performance in demanding environments; ease of administration; flexibility and scalability; and seamless interoperability with a powerful suite of asset management, media transfer, transcoding, and archiving tools.
– Key Benefits
• Enables improved workflow efficiency through true simultaneous sharing of media assets, right down to the file level
• Supports collaborative HD workflows using uncompressed HD media and high-efficiency Avid DNxHD encoded media
• Huge storage capacity
• Supports a mix of real-time clients: Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Macintosh® OS X applications via Fibre Channel or via Gigabit Ethernet
– Reliable
Advanced engineering ensures the media network is always optimizing productivity. UnityRAID™ protection exceeds that of standard RAID schemes by providing protection at the workspace or drive level while actually increasing system performance. The MEDIArray XT storage system provides enhanced diagnostics to identify problem drives and enable hot failover to a designated spare drive, allowing the system to ride through a drive failure.
– Powerful Foundation
Enabling high-resolution sharing of HD and SD media, and featuring user-friendly administration; time-saving productivity tools; the proven Avid Unity File system architecture; and unmatched support for Avid editing systems, Avid Unity MediaNetwork solutions are a powerful foundation on which to build a facilitys HD, SD, and DV editing and finishing workflows.
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