AVID Unity LANshare 2,8 – 8,0Tb

Streamlined shared storage solutions for boutique-size workgroups.
Avid Unity LANshare LP combines both Fibre Channel and Ethernet interconnections with an all-in-one server and storage chassis to provide the perfect mix of simple, low cost connections for systems using offline resolutions and powerful, high-bandwidth connections for systems using finishing resolutions. This combination translates into a highly effective, low cost workgroup that dramatically streamlines the workflow of virtually any facility.
– Key Benefits of Avid Unity LANshare
• Enables a real-time offline to online workflow with the ability to connect systems via Ethernet or Fibre Channel
• Guaranteed real-time performance and simultaneous frame-level sharing by Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Macintosh OS X clients
• Cost-effective solution that enables immediate workflow efficiencies and a fast return on investment
• Easy to set up, use, and maintain