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AVID Symphony Nitris

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AVID Symphony Nitris HD and SD video finishing with the real-time power of Nitris hardware. Avid Symphony Nitris combine the Symphony finishing toolset, real-time primary and secondary color correction, and the real-time uncompressed HD and SD performance of Avid Nitris® DNA hardware. Together, they bring the power and productivity of Avid Total Conform and Universal Mastering to deadline-intensive HD and SD post-production projects. – Finishing in uncompressed HD and SD The media processing power of Avid Nitris hardware delivers multiple simultaneous streams of 10-bit uncompressed HD and SD video with a host of real time effects, so clients see results right away. – Timesaving with HD Total Conform and Universal Mastering HD Total Conform automatically rebuilds every cut, effect, title, and graphic in high definition. Universal Mastering delivers 24 fps-originated material to multiple formats with point-and-click ease. – Enhanced quality with Symphony finishing tools Advanced real-time primary and secondary color correction keeps more work in-house, for more creative control. Improve images with motion tracking, image stabilization, scratch removal, and 10-bit titling. – Accelerate the HD workflow Combine the power of Avid Nitris processing with the efficiency of multi-resolution, 10- and 8-bit Avid DNxHD™ encoding for real-time HD collaboration over Avid Unity media networks. – Capture more formats, more opportunities Handles virtually any source materials and delivers the highest-quality results with comprehensive I/O connections. Uncompressed HD and SD; Avid JFIF and ABVB; and DV and IMX media are all supported-in the same timeline-for real-time finishing flexibility.
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