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Audio Limited TX2040 transmitter

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Audio Limited TX2040 transmitter
The new Control-X unit is a unique device, designed by Audio to control the TX2040 transmitter. Control-X uses electromagnetic induction to enable the transmitter to be controlled remotely. As long as the Control-X handset is within 20cm (8 ins), the transmitter can be switched on and off, frequencies checked and displayed, all without touching the transmitter itself. What’s more, unlike other remote devices, Control-X can do all of this even if the transmitter is hidden beneath clothing: in costume dramas and similar applications, this facility can be of considerable benefit in making sound control simpler, more efficient and less problematic for the artist.

With the handset held within 20cm (eight ins) of the transmitter aerial, the frequency of any transmitter can be checked using a single push-button display; the frequency is displayed on an LCD panel. Similarly, the transmitter can be switched off and on using push buttons on the handset; when the transmitter is switched on, the Control-X handset displays the transmitter frequency.

The Control-X unit can also be used to self-test its own battery – it involves simply pressing and releasing the On and Off buttons simultaneously. In addition, it can be used to check the battery power of any Audio Ltd transmitter or receiver, with a 6-pin Lemo connector. The Control-X also has external battery contacts allowing the testing of 9V6LR61 type batteries.

Control-X has been designed following feedback from sound professionals, who needed a control device that could be used with concealed transmitters, but without needing the artist to remove any part of their costume. No other transmitter control has this capability: another first from Audio.
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