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The remarkable XT2 server, with unique loop recording technology, is fast, reliable and field proven. It’s the heart of modern workflows in sport, news and tv series around the world.

The XT2 production and playout server is at the forefront of a new generation of EVS technology featuring full HD/SD compatibility. This allows customers to make a seamless transition to HD, while still utilising the very best tools in the industry for their current needs.
The worlds leading broadcasters have consistently chosen EVS servers for their outstanding picture quality, reactivity, reliability and versatility. Featuring EVS engineered hardware and software, the XT2 delivers a full range of world-class applications for live production, post production, content management and playout. In any field, be it live sport, entertainment shows, concerts, or news production, EVS is the proven solution.
Working on a loop recording mode, the XT2 offers a permanent multi channels ingest of audio and video content originated from any sources (multi-cameras, satellite, post production stations, graphic tools, etc.), and instantly available for playback, live editing or for transfer to post production, local or central storage, archiving, etc.
The open architecture of the XT2 supporting multi formats and codec allows a seamless integration in any studio infrastructure

Key features
Instant response
The permanent loop recording of XT2 makes it the most reactive production server available on the market:
Instant multichannel access (multicam view) for edit or playback
Super fast ‘shuttling’ with no picture break-up
Instant audio scrub
Intuitive and immediate rewind and forward search
Continuous recording
Recording starts as soon as the server is booted, and remains on until the server is shut down. Recording capacity can be determined for each record channel. Selected sequences can be protected and kept as long as required, always without interrupting the record process.

Field proven reliability
RAID3 media protection for the disk array, hot-swappable redundant power supplies, and reliable even in extreme environmental conditions. Rugged chassis designed for OB operation and frequent shipments.

Matchless audio and video quality
Up to 6 HD channels per XT2 server. Up to 8 audio channels per video source. Total of48 audio tracks with built-in audio router. 24-bit audio with smooth scrubbing and audio split audio editing. Supports native HD/SD Super Motion frame rate.

Support for all popular broadcast standards
HD (720p and 1080i), SD (NTSC and PAL), native operation in MJPEG, IMX, and MPEG-2, Avid DNxHD® codec, Apple ProRes 422 and extensive audio support including Embedded, AES/EBU, Analog and Dolby E.

Maximum interoperability and control
Each channel is configurable by software as either a player or recorder. The XT2 server can be controlled through EVS applications and controllers, but also features comprehensive interfaces with automation systems, switchers, VTR and edit controllers. Seamless integration with most popular NLEs.

Fully scalable and upgradeable
Add I/O ports and storage. Unique architecture allows clearly-defined upgrade path form SD to HD. The XT2 server is also available with an external storage system for an extended capacity and maximum on-air time with hot swap disks (5, 10 or 15 disks). The system is an external 3U rack mounted module.

Powerful real-time media sharing network
XNet2 is a realtime media sharing network that allows any video or audio source, and their associated metadata, recorded by any XT2 server on the network, to be instantly available to all operators without interrupting any of the recordings.

This means operators can share media across a network without duplicating the content, allowing for a highly optimized, productive workflow to be constructed. XNet2 allows users to build a complete multichannel live production network with an unprecedented amount of online storage and scalable, centralised near line storage.

XNet2 offers:
Up to 29 simultaneous networked devices.
Up to 1.5Gb/sec bandwidth
Every operator has instant access to the data even during recording
Up to 12 HD or 30 SD simultaneous transfers