Wisycom MTH300 professional wireless handheld microphone

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Wisycom MTH300 professional wireless handheld microphone

Developed to provide the highest possible level of sonic quality, the MTH 300 hand-held microphone is the answer to the greatest needs of the big professionals. Its smart design, very high power and superior sturdiness make it the most suitable wireless-microphone for music, studio and ENG use. MTH300 supports the new patented PTT function: the reporter is able to talk directly, and off-air to the intercom network, simply by pushing the Push-To-talk button connected to its own microphone transmitter. With 100 MHz of bandwidth and more than 11 hours autonomy is the premium technical choice for professionals and broadcasters.


• Up to 122 MHz bandwidth in 470/870 MHz range
• Enhanced robustness against intermodulation and antenna performances thanks to RF part with pass-band filter and circulator (optional)
• Thin and ergonomics body design
• Ultra-light and tough aluminum alloy body
• ENR compander system (attack/release time separated)
• Battery: 2 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH with quick release system
• Autonomy: about 11h (50mW with alkaline batteries) and more 14h (10mW with alkaline)
• Infrared interface
• Easy and quick to setup thru an OLED display
• 1 joggle selectors and 4 quick setup buttons (level/channel adjustment)
• A very sofisticated anti-pop design
• A very great choiche of premium audio capsules (Schoeps, Milab, Audio-technica)
• MCM301/303 (cardioid/hypercard.)premium heads with custom Schoeps capsules
• MCM302/304 (cardioid/omnidirect.)premium heads with Milab (VM44 type) capsules
• MCM305 (cardioid) premium heads with Audio-Technica capsule
• 3rd party adapters for different heads