AVID Media Composer Adrenaline

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AVID Media Composer Adrenaline

Film and video editing software, accelerated effects processing, and 10-bit SDI I/O
Media Composer Adrenaline: film and video editing software integrated with Avid Adrenaline hardware. New features include Motion Tracking and Stabilization, full-screen video output over DVI, creative tools, integrated asset management and multi-format editing support.

– Give your project a shot of Avid Adrenaline
Avid Adrenaline hardware offers accelerated effects processing with real-time 10-bit SDI and 96 kHz audio I/O. Avid Adrenaline hardware offers 10-bit SDI, component, S-Video, and composite I/O, plus DV I/O with real-time analog-to-DV and DV-to-analog conversion, to support a wide range of projects and formats.
– Superior media management
Organize, label, and locate all media sources and assets quickly and easily. Move and rename clips without losing links—all occurrences are automatically updated. Intuitive, customizable media management features are built into the Avid editing environment and are designed for long, complex projects.
– More productive – more time to create
The unified Avid editing environment and seamless conform between Avid editing and finishing systems eliminates the need to re-create or re-build creative editorial work in the online suite.
– Experience peace of mind with one-stop setup and support
Software and hardware integrated into a single turnkey system provides guaranteed performance and built-in scalability.