Wisycom MRK950W high performances dual true diversity receiver

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Wisycom MRK950W high performances dual true diversity receiver

This second generation MRK950 (-EX/-W)has been completely redesigned to have more extreme RF performances, a larger bandwith (370 MHz) and an integrated active splitter. The system presents exceptional selectivity and intermodulation immunity for best operating performance of the wireless-microphone system even in the presence of DVTB-T transmitters signals.
MRK 950 is designed to be:
– easy and quick to use thanks to automatic setup functions (i.e. frequencies, squelch), remote configuration utilities (USB/Ethernet), display with intuitive context menu navigation.
– extremely flexible, in fact each of the two receivers can work up to 370 MHz bandwidth, more than one rack can be connected together thru a simple USB cable to act a multi-channel receiver.Moreover the DSP interface allows the units to work with several digital audio output (i.e. AES/EBU, Ethersound, …), multi-companding compatibilities and other digital features.
– best in class performances, thanks to the latest Wisycom technology the unit has extreme RF sensitivity and immunity and superb audio quality.
– a durable and upgradable investment , thanks to the very robust design (aluminum housing) and the possibility of upgrade/enhance units performances with simple slot in card (pc-like thru the DEXB expansion bus) Moreover MRK 950 system is already set up for the exclusive PTT function, recently developed by Wisycom and now appreciated in the broadcast world.


• Tuning windows of 240 MHz with tunables filters (2 channels independent):
– 950-EX 470-800 MHz (TV ch 21/62)
– 950-W 470-840 MHz (TV ch 21/67)

• Extreme RF (radiofrequency) performances and reliability.
• Host the internal Wisycom digital expansion bus(DEXB)for future upgrade/enhancement thru simple slot-in card (pc-like). DEXB can host DSP (40bit dsp processing) upgrade cards providing:
– digital output (i.e. AES/EBU, Ethersound)
– multi-companding compatibility
– future digital functionality enhancements
• 2 USB connectors for configuration/monitor and easy cascade rack connections
• Automatic scan for best channels, squelch and other automatic setup
• Infrared interface (i.e. for system setup, microphone programming)
• Automatic transmitter re-programming (thru infrared)
• Software to monitor/setup units and with spectrum field analysis
• Ethernet 10/100 base Tx network interface for configuration/monitor
• PTT (Push to Talk) function with audio exit and GPI signals
• Low impedance transformers outputs
• Integrated Active RF splitter for RF cascade connections
• Digital tone squelch for optimal operation with DVB-t. Auto-setting procedure (recalled by a dedicated front button).