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Wisycom – MAT 243 Diversity Matrix

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The Wisycom MAT 243 Diversity Matrix is an advanced signal distribution and combining system designed to optimize the reception of wireless microphone signals in professional audio and broadcast applications. This matrix effectively manages and processes RF signals from up to four diversity receivers, enhancing signal reliability and audio quality. The MAT 243 features four receiver inputs, which can be independently adjusted to control gain, phase, and squelch settings. It also offers a wide range of filtering options, including adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters, to reduce interference and improve signal quality. This flexibility allows precise control over the signal paths, making it possible to compensate for differences in receiver antenna positions and achieve seamless diversity reception. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive OLED display, the MAT 243 simplifies configuration and monitoring. It also includes an Ethernet interface for remote control and monitoring, enhancing its adaptability in complex audio setups. This Diversity Matrix is an invaluable tool for audio professionals seeking to ensure interference-free and high-quality wireless audio reception in demanding environments.
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