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Sound devices – 788T Field Production Mixer 8 ch

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The Sound Devices 788T Field Production Mixer is a top-of-the-line, portable audio recording and mixing solution specifically designed for demanding field production environments. With eight pristine microphone preamps and a wealth of professional features, it’s a go-to choice for audio engineers and sound recordists. This mixer boasts unparalleled audio quality, supporting up to 24-bit, 192 kHz recording, ensuring that you capture audio with incredible clarity and fidelity. Its eight input channels offer ample flexibility, allowing you to connect various microphones and line-level sources. The 788T offers extensive routing and mixing capabilities, making it versatile for a range of recording scenarios. Its robust build can handle the rigors of fieldwork, while its intuitive user interface simplifies operation even in high-pressure situations. Equipped with timecode and metadata features, this device streamlines post-production workflows. The 788T also supports CompactFlash and external hard drive recording, providing redundancy and backup options. For professional audio recording and mixing in the field, the Sound Devices 788T is an industry-standard choice, offering reliability, flexibility, and exceptional sound quality.