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Sony IP Remote Controller RM-IP10 for X1000

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The Sony IP Remote Controller RM-IP10 is a versatile and user-friendly device specially designed to provide precise control for Sony’s professional PTZ camera models, including the BRC-X1000. This controller offers an intuitive and efficient means of manipulating the camera’s movements, such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, making it an essential tool for broadcast, live event production, and studio applications. Featuring an ergonomic layout and a responsive joystick, the RM-IP10 allows operators to smoothly and accurately adjust the camera’s positioning and framing. It supports up to 100 camera presets, enabling users to store and recall specific shot configurations swiftly, reducing setup time and ensuring consistency in shooting. The RM-IP10 is equipped with IP connectivity, allowing for remote camera control from a central location, making it an ideal solution for professional multi-camera setups and scenarios that require precise camera positioning. Whether you’re producing live broadcasts, recording events, or capturing studio content, the Sony IP Remote Controller RM-IP10 is a reliable and efficient tool that enhances your creative control and workflow.