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Riedel Pro-D2 XLR4F

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The Riedel Pro-D2 XLR4F is a professional-grade audio interface designed for demanding live sound, broadcast, and recording applications. Here’s a detailed description of its technical features:
  • 1. **Dual-Channel Interface**: The Pro-D2 XLR4F features two independent channels, allowing for simultaneous processing and routing of two audio signals.
  • 2. **XLR Input**: Each channel of the interface is equipped with a female XLR input connector, ensuring secure and reliable connections with microphones, instruments, or other audio sources.
  • 3. **Phantom Power**: The interface provides phantom power (+48V) on each channel, enabling the use of condenser microphones and other devices that require phantom power.
  • 4. **Transformer Isolation**: Each channel incorporates high-quality transformer isolation, which helps to eliminate ground loops, reduce interference, and maintain pristine audio quality.
  • 5. **Low-Noise Operation**: The Pro-D2 XLR4F is engineered for low-noise performance, ensuring that audio signals remain clear and free from unwanted artifacts or interference.
  • 6. **Wide Frequency Response**: With a wide frequency response range, the interface accurately captures and reproduces audio signals across the audible spectrum, preserving the full richness and detail of the sound.
  • 7. **High Headroom**: The interface offers ample headroom, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of input signal levels without distortion, clipping, or signal degradation.
  • 8. **Rugged Construction**: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the Pro-D2 XLR4F features a durable and roadworthy construction, making it suitable for live sound reinforcement, broadcast, touring, and other demanding environments.
  • 9. **Compact Design**: Despite its robust build quality, the interface boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to integrate into various audio setups and portable rigs.
  • 10. **Versatile Connectivity**: In addition to its XLR input connectors, the Pro-D2 XLR4F is equipped with male XLR output connectors for each channel, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment and systems.
  • 11. **LED Indicators**: The interface features LED indicators for power status and signal presence on each channel, providing visual feedback for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • 12. **Ground Lift Switches**: Each channel is outfitted with a ground lift switch, allowing users to quickly and effectively address ground loop issues and optimize signal integrity.
Overall, the Riedel Pro-D2 XLR4F combines high-quality audio performance, robust build quality, and versatile connectivity options, making it an essential tool for professional audio engineers, broadcasters, and musicians seeking reliable and flexible audio interfacing solutions.
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