Hawk-Woods MR2 2-Channel NP1 Charger

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Hawk-Woods MR2 2-Channel NP1 Charger

The MR2 is a 2-Channel multi-chemistry NP1 battery charger. It offers both mains and in-car charging capabilities and also features a 60W power supply output. This charger is suitable for charging the entire Hawk-Woods NP1 battery range.

Dimensions HxWxD(cm): 27 x12 x16
Weight: 1400g
Charging Channels: 2
Hawk-Woods NP1 battery compatible
Multi-chemistry charging (Li-Ion, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh)
12V in-car DC input with the MRC-1 cable
International mains compatible
Silent operation (no internal fans)
13.8V 60W power supply output