Grass Valley GVG K2-Solo hard disc recorder/player

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Grass Valley GVG K2-Solo hard disc recorder/player

K2 Solo™ is a broadcast-capable, 2-channel, portable, cost-effective, standalone server with up to 20 hours of HD storage. Its optimized for both production and broadcast workflows.

K2 Solo represents an evolution of K2 Summit™ technology to create a more space-efficient, highly affordable standalone video server for portable and fixed facility use. It has the same functionality as a two-channel K2 Summit in half the space. K2 Solo is compatible with all the applications that run on K2 Summit, including automation and media asset management. The server also supports the K2 Dyno™ Replay System.

Product Highlights
Portable, Affordable and Powerful
Multiple Format Capabilities
Built-in Mix-Effects
Built-in Multiviewer and Monitor
ChannelFlex™ Compatible

Key Features
Small form factor: 1/2 rack width, 2 RU high
Two DVCPRO 25/50 & DVCPRO HD bi-directional channels, each with MPEG-2 playout capability
Full SD/HD MPEG-2 encoding available
AVC-Intra 50/100 support is available
Up to 40 hours of SD storage and 20 hours of HD storage (XDCAM HD 25) on hard disk storage
Optional solid-state drives for robust operation
Instant replay—record-to-play in less than 1/2 a second
AppCenterPro comes standard
ChannelFlex compatible with AppCenter Elite:
Multicam mode
Super SloMo mode
Video + key
HD/SD-SDI monitor output with timecode burn-in and custom text overlays
Multiviewer monitor mode with custom text
Built-in mix effects within a single play channel
Fast boot times with embedded operating system on CompactFlash media
QuickTime-compatible file system for edit-in-place with Final Cut Pro 7, EDIUS, and other NLEs
Integrated control operation with Grass Valley production switchers and vision mixers

HD Compression Formats (see Note 1)

MPEG-2@HL 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP, 12-80 Mb/s
MPEG-2@HL 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP, 20-100 Mb/s
XDCAM HD (25, 35, 50 Mb/s)
XDCAM HD (25, 35, 50 Mb/s)
AVC-Intra 50/100
HDV playout

SD Compression Formats (see Note 1)

MPEG-2@ML 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP, 2-15 Mb/s
MPEG-2@ML 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP, 4-50 Mb/s
D10/IMX 30/40/50

Video Channels (see Note 2)

2 HD/SD-SDI record/play channels
SD-SDI: SMPTE 259M, ITU-R601, 525/625 line component, 10-bit
HD-SDI: SMPTE 292M, 10-bit

Monitor Modes

SDI Monitor out with timecode burn-in
VGA Multiviewer
Definable text overlay for above displays including channel name, clip name, transport status, play speed, audio meters, and other status

Video Playback Output

All clips play seamlessly back-to-back
Off-speed play with line interpolation
Video/audio mix effects
Dissolves between two video tracks
Fade up/down to matte color

ChannelFlex Modes (with AppCenter Elite)

Multicam (1 or 2 channels)
Super SloMo (1 channel)
3D (1 or 2 channels)
Video+key ( 1 or 2 channels)

Up/Down/Cross Conversion and Aspect Ratio

525⇔1080i/720p, 625⇔1080i/720p
720p⇔1080i cross conversion
4:3-16:9 aspect ratio conversions
Embedded audio tracks
16 embedded channels/video

Discrete AES/EBU Audio
8 input and 8 output trackes (4 AES pairs) per video channel
DB25 pin connector per video channel (XLR breakout cable is optional)

Audio Specifications

PCM: 48 kHz 16- or 24-bit
Sample rate conversion to 48 kHz
AC-3 and Dolby E pass-through

Hard Disk Storage (bitrate — hours (+/- 10%))

DV25/DV50/100 = 20/10/5 hours
MPEG-2@: 12/25/50/100 Mb/s = 40/20/10/5 hours

SSD Storage

DV25/DV50/100 = 20/10/5 hours
MPEG-2@: 12/25/50/100 Mb/s = 24/12/6/3 hours

Power Requirements

100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Typical power: 180 Watts

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD): 89 x 210 x 446 mm (3.5 x 8.25 x 17.7 in.)
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs.)

Environmental Characteristics

Operating temperature: 10° to +40°C
(50° to 104°F)
Non-operating temperature: -40° to +60°C (-40° to 140°F)
Operating relative humidity: 20% to 80% from -5° to +45°C (23° to 113°F)
Non-Operating relative humidity: 10% to 80% from -30° to +60°C (-22° to 140°F)

12 in, 12 out – DB25 pin connector

Reference Genlock
NTSC/PAL black composite analog

Timecode (per video channel)

LTC SMPTE 12M on mini XLR
One VITC reader/writer
Ancillary timecode


BVW (RS-422) (w/o insert edit)
Odetics/VDCP (RS-422)
AMP (RS-422 and Ethernet) native API


Four 100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports
1 Express Card, 34 mm (front)
4 USB 2.0 front, two USB 2.0 rear
FireWire (IEEE 1394)
One RS-422 serial port per channel
15-pin SVGA
USB keyboard, mouse

Remote Monitoring
Grass Valley NetCentral™ SNMP-based remote facility-monitoring software

UL 60950, FCC Class A, EMC Class A, CE, C-Tick, CSA 60950, IEC 950, EN 60950

Note 1 – MPEG-2 playout is standard on all models, MPEG encode available on specific models.
Note 2 – All channels are bi-directional for DV. MPEG-2 bi-directionality available on specific models.