Boxx TX-AL-01YRB transmitter

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Boxx TX-AL-01YRB transmitter

Designed for maximum versatility. This unit will work with any camera including film cameras and DV Cam. Itis also ideal for covert surveillance filming.

Key features
• Digital broadcast link with excellent stability and reliability
• Licence exempt with six simultaneous usable channels
• No break-up, noise or interference
• Two channels of digital audio
• Diversity antenna transmission and receiving system
• Secure encrypted transmission
• Automatic channel select (seeks and locks onto cleanest frequency)
• Composite and component SDI video in.


Video MPEG-2 SD resolution, full frame rate
Auto select 4 Mb/s, 8 Mb/s, 16 Mb/s
Composite and component (YPbPr and RGB) input
Standard NTSC/PAL auto select
Audio 2 Channels
Latency 465ms

RF information
Transmission method OFDM
Range Outdoors over 1000ft / 350m line of sight
indoors with internal walls approx 70ft. / 30m
Security Pre shared key encryption
Channel select Automatic. up to 11 usable channels (6 recommended)
Frequency 2.4GHz / 5GHz switchable
Reception sensitivity -76dBmW typical

System indicators Signal lock status / data rate / video loss at TX
Unit Weight 300gms / .66 lbs
Dimensions 117mm x 90mm x 28mm
Power 8-18V DC 0.45amps @12v
Temperature Range -10 to 48 C
Humidity 5% – 85% typical
FCC approved part 15