Blackmagic Enterprise VideoHub

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Blackmagic Enterprise VideoHub

Enterprise Videohub is a massive size that’s perfect for the largest facility or broadcaster. Enterprise Videohub is one of the largest routers available, and includes the same advanced technology as the other Videohub models at an affordable price. Enterprise Videohub features a massive 144 inputs, 288 outputs and 144 deck control ports all packed into a 16 rack unit size less than 3 inches thick. Enterprise Videohub features redundant power supplies and uses the same powerful Videohub software.

No Manual Patching!
In the past most studios have been forced to use manual patching to connect editing workstations and decks. However this can become too complicated for creative designers, graphic artists and editors to understand, plus it gets even more complicated as your studio grows. Manual patching also caused problems with limited SDI cable lengths, and patch cables quickly wear out, so you get glitches as other uses bump them while patching.

Videohub eliminates this problem because everyone is permanently connected, and no cables need to be physically changed ever. All video connections are changed from an easy to use software application right from your computer desktop. Unlike manual patching, Videohub re-clocks the SDI video signal for long cable lengths. Plus unlike manual patching, you can send one SDI video connection to as many outputs as you like, so multiple people can access any SDI video source, all at the same time.

High end post production and broadcasters have understood the advantages of professional routing switchers for decades, and now with Videohub, everyone can afford these same workflow advantages.

Industrial Strength Routing Switcher
Enterprise Videohub has enough SDI connections for 144 edit systems or decks, and twice as many SDI outputs, so each user can have a completely independent SDI output for monitoring. 144 deck control ports are also included so you get a complete routing solution.

SDI Re-Clocking
Enterprise Videohub also includes built in SDI re-clockers on each SDI input which regenerate the SDI video signal. Every inch of video cable from your SDI video devices degrades the SDI signal. Expensive premium grade digital cables can help, however simply cannot eliminate this loss. With SDI re-clocking you can output regenerated and clean SDI signal out to all the SDI devices in your studio. That means longer cable lengths, and no glitches in your video.

Simultaneous SD, HD or 3 Gb/s Video
Videohub makes it easy to run Standard Definition and High Definition equipment now and add 3 Gb/s SDI equipment in the future. Thats because Videohub handles mixed SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI connections all on the same router at the same time. Videohub automatically detects when an SDI input changes, and instantly sets all SDI outputs connected to that input to match. SDI re-clocking and output SDI slew rates change automatically.

Independent Monitoring
Because most editors love monitoring direct from the router, Enterprise Videohub has 288 independent SDI outputs totally dedicated for monitoring. Independent monitoring outputs are great when you need to quickly look at decks and other editing systems in your facility. You can also use the extra outputs to connect consumer VHS and DVD recorders via external converters.

Deck Control Routing
With 144 independent Sony™ compatible RS-422 serial control ports included, each editing system can control any deck in your facility. Each deck control connection is independently reversible via software control, so it’s easy to connect edit stations or decks to any of the 144 deck control ports.

World’s Highest Quality 3 Gb/s SDI
With the exciting new 3 Gb/s SDI connections built in, Videohub allows twice the SDI data rate than normal HD-SDI. Use 3 Gb/s SDI for high resolution real time 2048 x 1556 feature film editing. 3 Gb/s SDI has full compatibility with SD, HD or 2K in 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 all with a single BNC cable. With 3 Gb/s SDI built in, you have full compatibility with all your current standard definition SDI and high definition SDI equipment, plus any new formats that come along in the future. With Videohub, your studio is future proof.

Network Router Control
Videohub uses software control panels that run on Windows™ and Mac OS X™. This lets you control the router from the same system you edit on. Videohub connects to any computer via USB and is then shared over your local network. Any computer can be the host, and simply connecting to the router via the USB 2.0 connection activates that computer as the host and allows other computers on your network to connect. Router labels can be changed from any computer and are fully unicode compatible for foreign language support.


144 SDI inputs compliant with SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 424M and ITU-R BT.656.
288 outputs compliant with SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 424M and ITU-R BT.656.
Automatically switches between SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3 Gb/s SDI on each input, so each input can be
running a different television standard.
144 independent Sony™ compatible RS-422 serial control ports. Each port is independently reversible via software control to allow broadcast decks or editing workstations to be connected to any port.
Simultaneous connection of SD, HD and 3 Gb/s equipment in your facility using the one router.
Full SDI reclocking supported allowing long SDI cable lengths.
Redundant power supply with automatic failover