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Audinate – Model 214 Announcer’s Console

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The Model 214 Announcer’s Console has been crafted as the central hub for audio control, tailored to meet the needs of announcers, commentators, and production personnel. It features two pushbutton switches, offering direct control over two distinct audio output channels: one primary channel and one designated for talkback communication. This compact tabletop device is fully compatible with applications employing Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. The Model 214 finds itself perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including on-air television sports broadcasting, stadium announcements, and corporate AV setups. Within its streamlined design, this unit seamlessly integrates all essential functions related to on-air broadcasts, talkback communication, and cue audio signal routing. Notable strengths of this device include its user-friendly interface, adaptable configuration options, and exceptional audio quality.

Key Features

Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology
Extensive feature configuration
Excellent audio quality
Main, talkback, and hot mic audio output channels
Four headphone audio input channels
PoE and 12 Vdc powering
Headphone output with sidetone function
Rugged, compact enclosure
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