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Hiring Conditions


“Best Broadcast Hire” means any company within the Best Broadcast Hire group of companies.
“The Hirer” means the company, organization, person or persons authorized to represent the company, organization or person renting equipment from Best Broadcast Hire. The Hirer accepts Hiring Conditions as specified in this document when The Hirer submits the “New Costumer” form on Cash costumers accept the Hiring Conditions by signing the Order Confirmation.
“Hired Equipment” means the equipment specified in the Order Confirmation including all components and parts thereof and all accessories, containers, boxes, cases and such like.
“The Order Confirmation” means the document prepared by Best Broadcast Hire specifying the Hired Equipment, the Hire Period and all agreements related to this. It can be in form as a delivery note, an email, signed quotation or other written specification from Best Broadcast Hire to The Hirer.

Collection and return of Equipment

The Hired Equipment will be ready to be collected the first day of the hiring period at 08:00 a.m. or as agreed. Photo ID shall be presented when collecting the Hired Equipment. The Hirer is responsible for the collection and return of the Hired Equipment. All transports, even if arranged by Best Broadcast Hire are at the Hirers risk – and at the Hirers cost. (Ex Works) The Hired Equipment shall be collected and returned to Best Broadcast Hire’s premises from which the hire originated unless other is agreed by Best Broadcast Hire in writing. Opening hours at Best Broadcast Hire, are weekdays from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Best Broadcast Hire has a 24 hour phone support. The phone number is shown on the Order Confirmation. The last day in the hire period is specified in the Order Confirmation. The equipment shall be returned no later than 08:00 a.m. on the following day or as agreed. Hired Equipment shall always be returned cleaned, complete and undamaged in full working order. Best Broadcast Hire charge EUR 75 per hour commenced for cleaning. The Hired Equipment is checked by Best Broadcast Hire before delivery. Hirer confirms full function of the equipment at collection, after having the opportunity to test the equipment. If errors / damages on the Hired Equipment arises or the Hired Equipment is lost during the hire period, Best Broadcast Hire shall immediately be contacted in writing and damaged equipment returned for evaluation, whether replacement of equipment shall be supplied or repair shall be made. If Hired Equipment is lost or damaged, the hire period of the Hired Equipment will be prolonged until the Hired Equipment is repaired or replaced and returned to Best Broadcast Hire. Repairs – if necessary – will be made at a professional workshop. The cost of repairs will be charged to the Hirer. If Hired Equipment is stolen, Hirer must ensure that a police report immediately is issued for use of insurance. If errors occur, which are not caused by improper use, negligence, accidents, profound mechanical influence or other vandalism, Best Broadcast Hire will, as a general rule, offer to exchange damaged Hire Equipment free of charge on Best Broadcast Hire’s address to replacement of the damaged equipment (not necessarily same type and age) within 48 hours from the time that Best Broadcast Hire in writing has been informed of the damage. Replaced Hired Equipment is covered by the same conditions / agreements of hire as the original equipment.

Use Of The Equipment

It is the Hires responsibility that the Hired Equipment is handled and transported in such way that it is not damaged or stolen. The Hired Equipment must all times be kept in locked storage when not under the direct supervision of the Hirer. The Hirer agrees that he will not:

  • use or permit the Hired Equipment to be used for any purpose for which it is not expressly designed.
  • attempt to dismantle, adjust, modify or otherwise interfere with the Hired Equipment.
  • remove or interfere with any identification marks or plates affixed to the Hired Equipment.
  • deface the Hired Equipment nor add any painting, sign writing, lettering or advertising to or on the Equipment.
  • take the Hired Equipment outside the country from where it was hired without Best Broadcast Hire’s written approval. Any such approval is only for the countries explicitly indicated by the approval. The Hirer shall at all times keep Best Broadcast Hire informed where the Hired Equipment is located.


Best Broadcast Hire is not liable to the Hirer in consequence of force majeure, defective equipment or wrong use of equipment. Best Broadcast Hire is not liable for any wear and tear or damage on any pictures, recording media or anything else that is used together with the Hired Equipment. Under all circumstances Best Broadcast Hire’s liability shall always be limited to the hire charge paid by the costumer.

Conditions Of Insurance

All hire charges are ascribed to an insurance fee. 5% of listed price of the hire will be added on as an extra in:

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • UAE

7% of listed price of the hire will be added on as an extra in:

Europe excluding countries sanctioned by EU, FN, UN og USA and excluding Bulgaria, Soviet Union, Baltic countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania and former Yugoslavia. Follow countries are also excepted: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Zaire and Crimea. Always in accordance to the following Sanction Limitation and Exclusion Clause (JC 2010/014). Besides coverage in Europe the following countries are covered: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon and Qatar

Conditions of insurance can be read in the attachment to this document. In exceptional cases and only if accepted in writing by Best Broadcast Hire, The Hirer can use his own all-risk insurance. This requires that The Hirer takes the full responsibility under all circumstances and at all time during the rental period and only if the amount insured is sufficient to cover the full replacement cost equivalent to new value of the Hired equipment.


If The Hirer is not a registered costumer at Best Broadcast Hire, he must pay in advance, at the latest at collection of the equipment and a EUR 3,500 deposit charge is added. Also a company registration and a personal identification must be presented.


Where nothing else is stated in the Order Confirmation, cancellation up until 60 days before the start of the Hire Period, no fee is charged. From 60 days until 45 days before start of the Hire Period, 50% of the lease price is charged. From 45 days before start of the Hire Period, full lease is charged. Regardless of the time of cancelation, all costs covered by Best Broadcast Hire to prepare the hire, sub-renting equipment, vehicles and all other external costs shall be paid by the Hirer.


Hiring Conditions only apply to Best Broadcast Hire’s own equipment. Other conditions might apply at sub rental.

Conditions Of Insurance

Coverage: The insurance covers the ensured items during transport in Europe as well as during stay and use outside the policyholders business address. The ensured items are among others but not limited to technical equipment during the hiring out to customers.
Insurance cover: The insurance covers physical damage on or loss of the ensured items in consequence of an accident will befall on these. However, damage, loss or costs among others are not covered as a result of:


  • Damage as result of gross negligence or intentional acts.
  • Mechanical or electrical disturbances
  • Scratches.
  • Wear and tear, gradual depreciation.
  • Unfit or insufficient maintenance.
  • Influence from the air and weather.
  • Loss and damage occurred under driving on an uneven road or at acceleration.
  • Damage as a consequence of the use of an unfit mean of transportation.
  • Seizure or other steps taken by governments or authorities.
  • Delay, indirect loss and the like.
  • War, rebellions and the like.
  • Unfit and insufficient packing.

The insurance cover is rendered according to the current All Risks conditions of ACE European Group, Denmark.

Maximum sum insured: During stay and transport    EUR    600,000
Deductible: For the insurance a deductible of EUR 3,500 per incident applies (including theft from a locked car).
Precautions in case of damage: In case of damage the hirer is obligated to immediately contact: Best Broadcast Hire on phone (see Order Acknowledgement/ Delivery Note) or mail And in addition, to take reasonable measures to avoid or limit the damage. In case of theft, immediate report to the police shall also take place.

The present Hiring Conditions are valid from December 21st. 2021 and replaces all earlier hiring conditions from Best Broadcast Hire