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Sound devices 688

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The Sound Devices 688 is a 12-input field recorder/mixer, widely regarded as an industry standard for professional audio production in demanding environments such as film, television, and live sound. This compact yet robust device offers a remarkable balance of performance and portability. Equipped with 12 high-quality microphone preamps, the 688 ensures exceptional sound quality, supporting up to 24-bit, 192 kHz recording. Its extensive features include built-in limiters, high-pass filters, and direct outputs for each channel, allowing sound professionals to maintain precise control over their audio signals. The Sound Devices 688 is designed for field use, constructed with durability in mind. It incorporates an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it user-friendly for quick adjustments and monitoring. It also supports timecode and metadata features, simplifying post-production tasks. For those who demand reliability and premium audio quality while on the move, the Sound Devices 688 is the go-to choice, offering a comprehensive solution for all their field recording and mixing needs.